How to get your P’s in Victoria

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Melbourne Driving School suggests that the Vic Driving Test is intended to evaluate the sheltered driving aptitudes of student drivers or beginners applying for trial permit. It is likewise used to evaluate other permit candidates who are required to step through a functional driving exam in Melbourne.

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The driving test was created by Vic Roads with the help of a few Australian and worldwide specialists in beginner driver well-being. The driving test evaluates the abilities required to drive securely in everyday driving errands, considering the accompanying. Permit candidates are relied upon to have a significant level of driving aptitude, information and skill.

How to get your Ps in Vic

  1. Individuals younger than 21 years, applying for a trial permit

  • Must hold a student license for at least a year
  • Must get at least 120 hours on street managed student driving experience
  • Must go on to a base one-year P1 permit (Red P Plate), trailed by a base three years P2 permit (Green P Plate)


  1. Individuals matured from 21 years to under 25 years –

    Required to hold their student grant for at least a half year and afterward go legitimately on to a base three years P2 permit.


  1. Individuals matured 25 years and over –

    Required to hold their student grant for at least three months and afterward go legitimately on to a base three years P2 License.


  1. Drive Test Vic

  • The drive test is an on-street drive test
  • The common-sense drive test is directed after you have breezed through your danger observation assessment. During the test, you will have your Driving School Melbourne educator go with you, while the VicRoads analyser sits in the secondary lounge. You will drive for between 30 to 50 minutes around a pre-decided drive test course close to the VicRoads office.


  1. The driving test is part into three Sections :-

  • Pre-drive check
  • Private driving and low speed move
  • Occupied numerous path streets and increasingly complex circumstances

To apply for your permit in Victoria you should be at any rate 18 years old and have held your student license for a base timeframe.

  1. There are three stages associated with finishing your permit assessment. You should pass :-

  • A visual perception tests
  • A peril recognition test
  • A down to earth driving tests

It is suggested that while you are on your student license you complete at any rate 120 hours of driving in all conditions to set you up for your test and to be a more secure driver on our streets.

In the event that you breeze through your drive assessment, you will be given with a trial drivers permit, which is legitimate for a long time. During this time, you will have certain limitations forced on you. When you have held your trial permit for the fitting measure of time, you will advance to a full permit without the need to do any further tests.

The Driving License Testing Officer utilizes a lot of explicit appraisals things to record how well the candidate plays out each driving assignment.

The Driving Test Vic is separated into two phases:

Stage One – Includes some generally basic, okay driving undertakings in a less-testing traffic conditions in Melbourne.

Stage Two – Evaluates safe driving abilities in everyday driving errands in busier rush hour gridlock circumstances in and around Melbourne.

The Victorian Graduated Licensing System (GLS) requires permit candidates under 21 years to hold a student grant for in any event a year and to gather in any event 120 hours of managed driving experience. On average a beginner can be taught to drive in 10 to 15 lessons.



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